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Mr. Spurgeon shares all the wonderful things from the 30-day challenge



This was, by far, my favourite 30-Day Challenge for a number of reasons, including:

- The number of different people involved. Over 180 people started the challenge, with three-month-olds and up! We had people involved from overseas, including an alumnus in Scotland and a grandparent in France, and nearby – our accounting office met every day at 11:00am to complete their daily challenge!

- The honesty of those dropping out was reassuring, and it was great to hear the excitement expressed for the next challenge to begin so they could earn the highly coveted ‘Champion’ t-shirt. Personally, I think most believe the invisible banner of honour that goes with completing a challenge is the biggest reward.

- The support of families and friends pushing and supporting each other to reach the daily goals.

- The amount of pictures and videos that were sent, which allowed me to put out a couple videos to show the work that was being put in by so many.

I plan to do one more Challenge this year and will likely do it for 30 days in May. I will not be ordering any more shirts but do still have a decent amount still in stock.  The shirts for this next challenge will go to those who have not earned one of the new shirts in 2021. Watch the eGryphon as details on the next challenge will likely be out in the April 22nd issue.

An email went out yesterday to participants, a reply to it is needed to confirm the ‘Tough Enough’ challenge was completed and to coordinate how the shirt will be delivered.  

If for some reason you did not receive the email, and did complete the challenge, then please email me ( for a copy of the link. Shirts will be delivered next week.