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MYP Sexual Health Education Sessions

As part of the B.C. Ministry of Education Physical and Health Education (PHE) curriculum, and the Science curriculum, we are required to cover specific content. This year, certified Sexual Health Educator, Carlie McPhee from The Whole SHEbang will be delivering the sessions to our Grade 6 to 10 students.

On Wednesday, May 31 from 6:30 to 7:30pm, Carlie will be hosting a 1-hour session delivered via Zoom to parents ahead of student instruction. She will share a definition of comprehensive sexual health education, an overview of curriculum objectives, positive outcomes, what their child can expect to learn, and the parent’s role in supporting healthy sexual development.

Meeting Information:

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Meeting ID: 832 9587 0505
Passcode: 763719  

There are several overarching principles to consider when these topics are addressed at school, paramount among them is the respectful consideration of the different types of family values that surround these topics. To support our efforts at school to be inclusive to all values (cultural, religious, traditional and liberal), and create a safe learning space for every child, we feel it is very important that you spend time at home discussing your family values with your child. Do consider asking your child about these topics and their PHE lessons and most importantly share your parental guidance and advice with them. Research has shown parents are a primary source of information in this area.