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Parking & Traffic Update: Sidewalk Construction Notice

Starting December 6, the gravel area on the south side of the Middle School and High School Kiss & Go will be under construction to install a concrete sidewalk. Pick-up and drop-off times will not be affected, as contractors will work around those times to ensure students and parents can safely utilize the space in its current setup for pick-up and drop-off.

However, please note that this will be an active construction zone and we will ensure the safety of our community is a priority. This area will be marked with cones and caution tape prior to starting construction to establish a work zone.

You can expect to experience some noise pollution and additional vehicular traffic from the construction activities; however, the construction is not anticipated to be overly disruptive.

Sidewalk Construction Notice showing where the newly built sidewalks will be placed in the parking lot of the School

For questions, please contact Mr. Brian Spear, Director of Campus Improvement at