Meadowridge News

Save the date: Student-Run Farmers Market on June 22

Middle School students have been participating in Explorations every Friday afternoon. During these classes, students learn about their outdoor environment through various activities and get the opportunity to learn by doing. Explorations also involve a year-long project that students are working towards. This year students are hosting a Meadowridge Farmer’s Market. It will take place on Wednesday, June 22. Produce, items, entertainment, and more will be provided entirely by the students.

‘Why would you support and buy from a farmers market?’ The purpose of a farmers market is to be more environmentally friendly and follow the idea of a closed-loop. A closed-loop is when things are reused and recycled continually with little to no waste. Items sold at the farmers market will be created and grown using a closed-loop system.

Keep an eye out for more information and updates on our progress. We hope you will visit our farmers market in June!