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Screenagers: The Next Chapter - February 27, 2020 Screening

Viral vids, candid pics
TikTok all the time,
Oh, what fun is to watch
What others do online, hey!
Viral vids, candids pics
TikTok all the time,
Oh, what fun is to watch
What others do online…

There was a time when we used phones for talking. I remember long conversations about nothing important, the beep that indicated an incoming call, and of course 3-way calling. We used disposable cameras to capture special moments, waited a week while the film was developed, then posted the one or two “good” photos on a bulletin board. I also passed notes in class - folded in intricate ways to protect the words inside from unwelcomed onlookers.

As a teenager, my peers meant the world to me. We spent hours together - talking, hanging out, pushing boundaries, testing limits, and figuring out how our worlds worked. Things aren’t that different today - kids are still longing to reach out and connect with their peers, they are documenting their lives through photos and videos, and they are sharing their stories with their community - but in our hyperconnected and instantly accessible world our private connections quickly become public, our boundary-testing rapidly becomes public knowledge, and our questions about the world become data points for Googles search queries. It’s the same, but different.

Come and learn more about how similar and different these worlds are at our showing of  Screenagers: The Next Chapter on Thursday, February 27, 2020, at 6:30 pm.

Adi Aharon, Education Technology Coordinator

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