Meadowridge News

Sixteen Students Hike, Camp, and Make Their Way Towards the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

Last weekend, 16 students embarked on their Practice Journey for the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. Led by Ms. Nielsen, Ms. Banack, and Mr. Jackson, the group made the 12km trek to Halfmoon Beach in Golden Ears Provincial Park for an overnight backcountry camp. Students worked as a team to plan the hiking route, prepare their meals, and set up and take down camp. They also worked towards a personal goal of place-based connections by drawing natural features and learning about the park's plants and animals. The students returned the next day with many photos, memories, stories, and, most importantly, valuable skills and lessons for their Qualifying Journey at the end of June. 

Ms. Nielsen, Meadowridge's Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Coordinator, is proud of the students who were able to apply the preparation and training she and Mme. Gish shared with them throughout Term 2. Ms. Nielsen looks forward to seeing the students refine their skills and prepare for their Qualifying Journey. She thanks Mr. Jackson and Ms. Banack for their support and guidance during the trip and for making the trip possible. She also thanks Mr. Willms for his safe driving, ensuring the students' transportation to and from school.