Meadowridge News

Spring 2022 WWOW Trips

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since the last off-campus WWOW excursions have taken place at Meadowridge. It is going to be an amazing feeling when that water starts to flow under canoes and ferries, taking students to new adventures and learning experiences.

The slate of trips looks slightly different this June compared to how they have looked in the past, and this is because we have been intentional about having students outside as often as possible. Being outside provides an additional layer of wellbeing for students and staff, as well as, provides a safer environment that is conducive to relationship building. It’s going to be a beautiful breath of fresh air to be on a WWOW trip.

  • Grade 6 is going to Victoria as they have in the past, but they have added dragon boating as a new activity
  • Grade 7 is going to Gibsons Farm to explore sustainable ways to farm
  • Grade 8 is going to Whistler and will be hiking
  • Grade 9 is camping and paddling at Alouette Lake
  • Grade 10 is paddling and camping in Say Nuth Khaw Yum (Indian Arm) Provincial Park
  • Grade 11 is venturing into field studies at the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest for their Group 4 project