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Today is National Teachers’ Day! Here’s What has us Celebrating Our Meadowridge Teachers!

Today is National Teachers’ Day! While celebrations are in order, the truth is our talented faculty are worth celebrating all year long. In honour of National Teachers’ Day, here’s what has us celebrating them the remaining 364 in a year.

Meadowridge teachers have taught in over 85 countries around the world, including Japan, England, Indonesia, Colombia, China, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Venezuela, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Africa and Mexico.

Meadowridge teachers attended nearly 20 IB workshops in the last year alone, with everything from Play-Based Learning in the PYP and Managing Assessment in the MYP to Investigating Inquiry in the DP.

Meadowridge teachers speak a collective 17 languages, including Hindi, Serbian, German, French, Spanish, English, Farsi, Swedish, Mandarin, Hakka, Japanese, Russian, Tagalog, Afrikaans, and Konkani.

Meadowridge teachers hold over 164 degrees, including Bachelors, Master’s and PhDs.