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Two Teams, Two Undefeated Regular Seasons: Grade 8 Boys & Grade 6/7 Girls Basketball

With basketball season wrapping up, three of our teams headed into their final championships in the last few days.

Left: Grade 8 (Bantam) Boys, GVISAA Champions  Right: Grade 6 and 7 Girls

Our Grade 6 and 7 Girls headed off to the Grade 7 ISEA Girls Tier 2 League Championship at West Point Grey Academy. Our team made it through the regular season with a perfect 7-0 record but entered the tournament with several absences and some injuries on the roster and  did not have the strength they had gotten used to over the course of the season. Our Girls defeated Brockton in the opener, but then ran into a tough opponent in Southpointe and were edged out with a score of 27-21 in a tight defensive battle. In the final game of the day, the team defeated Stratford Hall to take third place and the bronze medals.

The Grade 8 (Bantam) Girls went into the Final Four for the GVISAA Championship at White Rock Christian Academy. Our Girls lost the opening game 38-27 to the Khalsa Lions. In the second game of the day, the team then fell to the hosts to end the season in fourth place.

The Grade 8 (Bantam) Boys went into the Final Four for the GVISAA Championship at West Point Grey Academy. They were the hunted with a perfect regular season – something which gave them confidence, but also made them a target for their opponents. In the opening game the Boys defeated the King David Lions in a dominating 40-16 victory. With two games off, the boys maintained their focus and had to put in one of their most complete games of the year to defeat Khalsa 51-40 and celebrate the end of the season with gold medals and the Championship. The new banner will look great up on the wall in the gym and will be something our team can look back to in the future!

A special thank you to all the players who kept up their dedication over the course of the season. Players who used their time management skills while being an IB student and a Gryphon athlete will reap the rewards both now and later in life. A big thank you to the parents who supported our Gryphons courtside as cheerleaders, photographers, drivers and other duties.

A final thanks to our coaches for taking so many of our teams to the Championships and Final Fours. Coaches put in early mornings before teaching classes, put off breaks during lunchtime practices, and stayed late to host after school practices. Some of our coaches even hosted weekend practices to prepare our players for tournaments! Twenty teachers and administrators, and even one alumnus, supported our nine teams:

Grade 5 Girls ISEA Basketball
Mrs. Stacy Banack & Ms. Kayla McColl  

Grade 4 and 5 Boys ISEA Basketball
Mr. James Willms, Ms. Allison Bruce & Ms. Kristal Bereza

Grade 6 and 7 Girls ISEA & School District 42 Basketball (two teams)

Ms. Anne Bolyard, Ms. Sarice Kent, Mrs. Kalie Whitaker & Mr. Scott Spurgeon

Grade 6 and 7 Boys School District 42 Basketball
Mr. Avio Diniz &  Mr. Scott Rinn

Grade 6 and 7 Boys ISEA Basketball
Mr. Tomas Oljaca, Mr. Nathan Horne (assisted by Mr. Scott Banack at the ISEA Championship)

Bantam (Grade 8) Girls GVISAA & Fraser Valley North Basketball
Ms. Darcie Hook, Mr. Rhys Clarke & Mr. Stephen Just ‘05 

Junior (Grade 9 & 10) Girls GVISAA Basketball
Mr. Donald Lockhart & Ms. Anne Bolyard

Bantam (Grade 8) Boys GVISAA Basketball
Mr. Tomas Oljaca & Mr. Wil Chua

Senior (Grade 9 to 2) Boys GVISAA & Fraser Valley North Basketball
Mr. Tomas Oljaca & Mr. Charles Schofield 

ISEA & School District 42 Head Basketball Referee
Mr. Wayne Hamaguchi