Coming in November, our cafeteria will be going paperless: families will have to submit their orders - no later than two
business days in advance - via the online ordering system. View the video above to learn how to submit an order.

From the Cafeteria

New Online Ordering & Order Deadlines

We're proud of the food we serve. Each day, we serve up delicious, healthy lunches for our families; these lunches are made from only the freshest ingredients, and are made from scratch right here in our kitchen.

As we welcome more and more students into our lunch program, we've brought on new staff to keep up that same quality and freshness. Each day, we serve 80 students as part of the Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 lunch program.

With nearly double the amount of lunches to prepare, we are now requiring all families – whether you're on the lunch program or ordering for just the day – to please submit their orders no later than two business days in advance.

Coming in November, we will also be going paperless. The online ordering system is easy to use, and you can fill it out each week in the comfort of your own home. If you haven't used the online ordering system, check out this quick video to help you on your way.

For special circumstances, we will still have some paper copies available at the cafeteria.

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