Your Athletic Questions, Answered

Q&A with Mr. Scott Spurgeon

What is the difference between Athletics and PE?
PE, or PHE, is Physical Health Education and is a class within the daily schedule that students take as they would Math or English. Athletics is an optional sporting team that competes against other schools, generally outside of the school timetable, though there are practices at lunchtime and during CAS blocks, as well as some mornings and after school practices.

How can students sign up for Athletics?
The best way to sign up is to attend practices. In the past, students have sometimes signed up but not attended practices. If you attend practices your coach will get to know you and know you are serious about being a member of the team.

How can I find out when practices are?
Practice schedules generally come out Thursday the week prior. The schedule is included in the eGryphon, is sent by email to all students in Grades 5 through 12, and is posted on the gymnasium bulletin boards . The schedule is also sent to the grade reps so it can be forwarded to all parents.

Why can't the schedule for practices and games be consistent from week to week? For example, the Grade 6 and 7 Girls Volleyball team could always practice on Tuesdays after school and play games on Thursdays. Wouldn't this be easier for coordination?
While I would love to do this, (it would certainly make my job easier!) it is not possible with the number of teams we run, the multiple leagues we are in, and the resulting schedules which, sometimes, I am able to set, but other times am given by league coordinators. Coaches do try to work with players as we realize there is a lot going on in everyone's life.

What if I am going to miss a practice or can't attend a game?
Please let your coach know as early as possible so they know why you will not be able to attend. If you just don't show up, they have no idea why you are missing and may question your commitment and interest in the team. A simple email or visit can confirm a conflict you can't avoid (i.e. dentist or other appointment) or issue (no ride home as the late bus isn't an option).

What should I wear to practice or games?
For lunchtime and after school practices, you need to wear PE kit. If there is a game, you will be provided a team uniform and also need to have the school track suit to stay warm if outside or while waiting to get into the game.

An exception to the rule is practices in the morning before 8:00am: students are allowed to wear their own proper warm up or work out clothes, so they can keep their PE kit fresh and ready for PE class. If students are working out in the fitness room on their own (i.e. not part of a team practice) before 8:00am or after 3:30pm they may wear their own personal, appropriate work out clothing. While working out between 8:00am and 3:30pm all students must wear Meadowridge branded PE kit, whether on their own time, with a PE class, or as part of a team.

Students playing soccer need to wear cleats. Girls playing volleyball should wear knee pads.

Track suits are mandatory for travel in athletics but what about Grade 11 and 12 students who do not have PE classes? Do they need to purchase it?
Yes, all teams must be uniformly dressed when leaving the school for competition. Showing up at another school's field or gymnasium and looking like a team sets an immediate tone and professional look.

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