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Answering the Library's Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions

#8—When is the library open?
The library is open Monday to Friday from 8:10am to 5:30pm. All students and families are welcome to come browse the collection and check out books during these hours.

#7—How long can I borrow books?
PYP students can borrow books for 1 week. MYP and DP students can borrow books for 2 weeks.

#6—How can I find out what books you have in the library?
Drop by and browse our shelves or visit us online at and click "Access My Meadowridge Library".

#5—Are families allowed to check out books?
Of course! We will check out your books under your child's library account.

#4—Do you have books in other languages?
Yes! We have books in French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

#3—How many resources do you have?
We have over 31,000 titles in our school library.

#2—May I recommend a book to add to your library collection?
Yes, we would be love to hear your suggestions.

#1—Do you have any digital resources?
Yes, we have many to choose from, both at the PYP and MYP and DP level. Visit and click on "Digital Content".

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