Celebrating Ten Years of Fencing at Meadowridge

Over the weekend, the Meadowridge Open Fencing Tournament welcomed fencers from across the lower mainland and from several fencing clubs for one of its biggest turnouts to date with over 167 entries. Celebrating its tenth year, our Meadowridge Fencing Club rounded up its fencers, both past and present, as well as alumni and their families, to celebrate the club's evolution over the past decade. The two-day tournament included Meadowridge fencers, many of whom now compete nationally and internationally with external clubs around the lower mainland. With all three weapons, and with events from youth to senior, the tournament was a true sample of the sport of fencing.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this event, and for helping build and support the fencing program at Meadowridge for the past ten years!

Check out more photos from the tournament and celebration