Four Reasons Why
You Should Attend the Parent Socials at the Headmaster's Home

Are you unsure if you should attend the Headmaster's Parent Socials? Not sure what to expect? Afraid you won't know anyone? Don't worry – we have got you covered. Read on for the top four reasons to attend the Parent Socials.

1. Know Your Headmaster

While Mr. Burke is often seen in the halls, the Socials are when you can truly get to know him. He happily opens his home once a year to parents to get to know them personally. After all, educating children is a group effort, so we should get to know one another!

2. Meet Parents in Your Grade

In the drop-off/pick-up craziness, you don't always have time to meet the parents of your children's friends. If your child takes the bus or is in the older grades, it is even harder to make connections. Get to know other parents and make some new friends.

3. Learn What is to Come

At each Social, we have specifically grouped the grades so that you can learn from other parents what the next step holds. How different is the MYP from the PYP? What is the DP really like? What can your Kindergartner expect in grade one? The Directors and many teachers also come, so you can have all of your questions answered!

4. Relax

Yes, relax! The Socials are a fantastic excuse to leave the kids behind and have adult conversation in a friendly atmosphere. Beverages and snacks will be provided, and don't worry about getting too dressed up; we want to meet YOU, not your closet.

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