Student Athlete Profiles

Written by Mohammed H (Grade 12)

Accomplished fencer Noah W. is currently enrolled in grade ten at Meadowridge School. Noah has been participating in fencing since grade five. He began to play the sport shortly after earning his black belt in Taekwondo, as he looked to participate in a new sport that would be both enjoyable and challenging. Noah currently does the majority of his fencing with the Meadowridge School Fencing Club, and has managed to achieve lots throughout his journey in the sport. Some of his biggest achievements in the sport include medalling twice at the provincial level, finishing second in the Canada Cup West for his age group and being ranked eleventh in the national selection rankings.

Noah has managed to see so much success in the sport as a result of his strenuous training regime. Noah has three club training sessions a week, and also spends one day each week working on his overall fitness with a personal trainer. When asked about what his favourite memories associated with the sport were, Noah spoke of the time at which he got to travel to Regina with his teammates for the Canada Cup West competition. Noah managed to make the most of his trip as he enjoyed being able to compete and spend lots of time with his friends outside of competition.

Noah's athletic endeavours don't just pertain to fencing, as he is also a vital member of the junior boy's basketball team at the school. Noah has been a part of the team since grade five and provides the coaches with a very athletic presence on the court. Noah has also spent the past few years participating in throwing events for the school track and field team, proving what a capable athlete he is.

When asked about his future plans with regards to fencing, Noah said that he is looking forward to travelling to Quebec City this May as he will be participating in the Fencing Nationals. Noah hopes that he will be able to finish in the top 16 for his age division this year. In addition, Noah is also looking to begin coaching at his club, as he feels his experience with the sport could influence younger fencers. There is no doubt in mind that Noah's determination and athletic ability will allow him to see even more success within the sport in the near future.

Basketball star Neo Z. is a student enrolled in grade ten at Meadowridge School. Neo began playing the game he is so fond of at the mere age of nine, stating that his cousin's interest in the sport sparked his pursuit of basketball. Neo started playing recreational basketball at a young age obtaining the knowledge and skills he needed to further her interest and ability in the sport. Neo currently plays basketball for the Tri-City Basketball team, which is based out of Coquitlam. He has managed to accumulate many accolades throughout his time playing basketball with an example of this being winning a bronze medal at the grade seven level with the school basketball team and averaging fifteen points per game this past season.

Neo's basketball schedule is jam-packed as he is expected to be participating in the sport year-round. From September to November, Neo spends four hours a week honing his skills at the Impact Hoops basketball academy, before moving into the school season with the Meadowridge team. Neo then spends two days a week training with the school team and participating in either league games or tournaments. Neo approaches the sport with a determined attitude and is constantly looking to improve. While others may feel as though training with teams may be enough, Neo spends additional amounts of time training at the leisure centre on his own. Such discipline allows Neo to float around the court and showcase his talent consistently.

Basketball isn't the only sport Neo has managed to find success in, as he has also been a distinguished member of the Meadowridge soccer teams for the past few years. Neo's exceptional athleticism has allowed him to be a very diverse member of the team as he has played numerous positions over the years. His greatest achievement with the Meadowridge soccer team was receiving a call-up for the Senior Boy's Provincials in Duncan a couple months ago.

When asked if he would like to take his pursuit of basketball further over the next few years, Neo said that he would love to. Neo feels as though it may be hard for him to participate at the university level, due to difficulty finding ways to showcase his talents to university coaches. While he may not pursue basketball at the collegiate level, Neo will still look to be involved with the sport as one of his future goals is to be a personal trainer for a division 1 school in the US.