Grade 4 Organic Collage
Exploring Movement, Rhythm, and Unity

Grade 4 students were inspired to create an incredible collaborative organic collage by observing various 3D installations and 2D artwork by New Mexican contemporary artist, Lea Anderson. Anderson focuses a lot of her work on ideas and themes of the unstructured nature of memory, thought and hope. To create this piece, we focused our objectives on using different "colour families' based on analogous colour schemes; any three colours on the colour wheel, selected from any point on the wheel.

Students created three individual pieces to create one large classroom collage

Each student was then asked to create three individual pieces, small, medium and large sized, based on different colour families of their choice for each piece. Students were encouraged think about the principles of movement, rhythm and unity, in addition to connecting to elements from nature and the use of free-flowing organic shape and lines.

Come and see the exhibition at the E. Boyd and H. Burke Gallery from now until February 23rd.

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