Grade 4 Students Raise $2,104.73 for Child Haven and BC Children's Hospital

The Kids for Kids' Rights Fun Fair

Before the reading break, our Grade 4 students hosted the Kids for Kids' Rights Fun Fair. The students planned a fun-filled fair with prizes to win, treats to enjoy, and games to play. Through donations, prizes, baked goods, lemonade, books, toys, jewelry, clothing, games, raffle items and money, the fair all added up to an afternoon of fun and excitement for all.

Students have counted their earnings and are pleased to announce that $2104.73 was raised for Child Haven and BC Children's Hospital.

Half of the funds raised will go to Child Haven, an organization that takes care of poor and often orphaned children in India and other parts of Asia. Child Haven currently has ten homes that provide care and education for students with the hopes that they will become successful and independent young adults.

The other half of the earnings will be donated to BC Children's Hospital to help sick and injured children recover as well as help fund research to finding cures for diseases.

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