Meadowridge Student Achievement: The Beaver Computing Challenge

Student Achievement

Meadowridge Students Earn Top 25% of 5,888 Math Competitors

Back in November, our Grade 8 students embraced a major math challenge.

Students wrote the Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC), a national event hosted by the University of Waterloo. This BCC tests students' knowledge in Math, while focusing on logical and computational thinking. (Try your hand at a past question here—the questions are tough.)

We are proud to share that 12 of our Grade 8 students received a Certificate of Distinction, provided only to students who score in the top 25% of the competition. That's the top 25% of 5,888 competitors!

Congratulations to our Math Challengers!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Zhiar A., Ray L., Linda Z., and Evangeline L.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Annie W., Sam D., Tyson S., Rohan G., and Yasna A.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Jennifer L., Carson S., and Joel O