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2017/2018 Deputy Headmaster & Parent Coffee Topics

For those who wish to meet other parents and converse with staff, attending our monthly Deputy Headmaster and Parent Coffees is a perfect opportunity to meet others, learn more about the school and quite simply, "talk about any item related to your school experience".

All parents from across the grades are invited to attend these sessions which take place monthly on the last Thursday from 8:30am to 9:30am in our cafeteria. Drinks and light snacks are provided. You can expect anywhere from three to 30 parents to attend. Please join us on the following days and join the discussion on the morning's topic:

Thursday, September 28

Volunteering and Other Giving Opportunities

A conversation hosted by Ms. Janet Antonio and Mrs. Carolyn Laba What opportunities are there for parents to volunteer at the school? What does giving look like and how can you contribute to the school's continued growth? What is our Advancement Department and how does it help to further the school's mission and vision? Come and meet Mrs. Laba, our Community Engagement Coordinator, and Ms. Antonio, our Director of Advancement, to find out.

Thursday, October 26

Post-Secondary Counselling

A Conversation hosted by Mr. Al Graveson, Mrs. Brianna Just, and Mrs. Cathy White What should you know about the road to university? Come join our team of post-secondary counsellors to discuss when and how you should start supporting your child's journey to graduation and beyond.

Thursday, November 30

Student Life and Athletics

A conversation hosted by Mr. Charles Schofield and Mr. Scott Spurgeon Join us for a meeting with our Director of Student Life and Director of Athletics to learn about programming outside the regular classroom, including sports, clubs, service, leadership and field trips.

Thursday, January 25

IB Programming

A conversation hosted by Mrs. Carolyn Green, Mrs. Heather Nicholson, and Mrs. Cathy White "Exhibition, Personal Project, POI, UOI, EE, CAS, IA, IOC, TOK and IB Learner Profile" – what does all of that even mean? Come join our IB Programme Coordinators to make sense of IB educational jargon and, as a result, the entire International Baccalaureate educational journey.

Thursday, February 22

Technology in Education: Opportunities and Dangers

A conversation hosted by Mr. Patrick Niwa Technology is the key to unlocking 21st century learning and preparing for a new century dominated by internet and hyper accelerated communication.... not exactly! What does it mean when we say we want our students to learn how to use computers, but not be used by them? How young is too young for screen time? How much screen time is too much? How do I keep my child safe online? What does the school do to ensure technology is used ethically? Join us as we discuss all these questions and more.

Thursday, April 26

Outdoor Experiential Ecological Education

A conversation hosted by Mr. James Willms What is OE3 Programming about? What options are available for learning in natural spaces outside the traditional classroom? What experiences in the outdoors are a part of the Meadowridge experience? Come and meet our OE3 Coordinator to discuss.

Thursday, May 31

Parent Choice

Topic chosen based upon your feedback. Is there something you've always wanted to learn more about? Send your ideas for discussion to Mr. Jason Parker at