Kinderbuddies Working in the Greenhouse

In late April, our Kindergarten students met up with their Grade 12 buddies for a special project: creating unique potted plants for Mother's Day.

It all got started with a visit from Mr. Jamie Marriot to the Kindergarten classes, where he stepped out of his usual routine—teaching Diploma Programme (DP) Biology—and tried his hand at teaching our early learners. The special project required our Kindergartners to know some things about plants: how they absorb sunlight to grow, what happens to them when they're provided certain nutrients, and why they thrive in a greenhouse. From seed to sprout, all the way to full-grown plant, Mr. Marriot covered all the bases.

A few days later, our Kindergarten students made the short trek from the Early Learning Centre over to the DP Wing, where they were greeted by their Grade 12 buddies, who were equipped with gloves, pots, spades, and plants – everything the pairs would need to create the perfect Mothers Day gift!

The students began by planting three separate pots: a grown rhododendron, seeds for herbs, and seeds for another plant. The students had the choice of five different varieties of plant seeds to choose from, and all of the separate pots would eventually be transferred to one single pot, creating a beautiful arrangement for each Kindergartner's special recipient.

It was a completely hands-on activity: our Grade 12 students led the way as they worked with their buddies to plant their flowers and get them set up in the greenhouse. After a sunny afternoon getting their pots ready for the greenhouse, our Kindergartners returned back to their classes, eagerly awaiting the next step.

After three weeks, the plants were ready to be potted together, and our Kindergarten students returned to the greenhouse to get to work; this time, however, they were tasked with a very important duty: getting our Grade 11 students ready to become buddies themselves next school year!

With our Kindergartners' Grade 12 buddies busy with IB exams, our Grade 11 students stepped up to help our younger learners collect and re-pot their flowers and herbs. The Kindergarten students, of course, were very patient with the Grade 11 Kinderbuddies-In-Training. Our Grade 11 students not only got to hone their buddy skills, but they had the chance to practice all the things they've been learning in their ecology and photosynthesis units, too.

We hope all the recipients of the beautiful gifts enjoyed them!

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