Alumni Roundtable

What university is really like

The final year at Meadowridge has nearly arrived for the Class of 2019.

Before university applications, scholarship essays, diploma exams, and transcript forms take over their lives, our DP team wanted to set our Grade 11 students up with experts who have been through it all. (and survived!)

Eleven Meadowridge alumni joined us yesterday afternoon for our Alumni Roundtable, an opportunity for our Grade 11 students to hear all about life after Meadowridge—to hear what university is really like and ask their most pressing questions. Our panel included alumni who are studying in universities across Canada—McGill, UBC, SFU, Carlton and more—and in an array of programs.

Kaitlin Hollyday '16 is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts with a major in anthropology at UBC.

Richard Laurie '17 is currently studying Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto. He plays water polo on the varsity team.

Ujjwal Nambiar '17 is currently in a five-year Double Degree program where he studies Business (BBA) at Wilfrid Laurier University and Computer Science (BCS) at the University of Waterloo. Both are located in Waterloo, Ontario.

Jacob von der Heide '16 graduated from Meadowridge in May of 2016 Jacob and decided to take a gap year. He spent the majority of these 14 months working for a construction and bio-technology start-up called Dwelltech Construction Inc. His work allowed him to travel to throughout Canada as well as the Caribbean. He conducted field research, ran logistics and helped with developing a marketing and sales strategy. He spent the latter half of his year traveling through Cuba, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Europe. Following his gap year, he enrolled in the direct entry Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) program at UBC. This is a highly competitive cohort-based program that focuses on international trade, international finance, and international development. Currently he is working as a market analyst for the Siebel Institute of Technology based in Chicago.

Jessica Jacob '15 recently completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. This September, she is entering Medical school at The University of British Columbia. Her highlights from her undergraduate experience include joining a sorority, travelling for Model UN conferences, and her 4-month research internship in Melbourne, Australia.

Robert Read '16 is a second-year student at Carleton University, in Ottawa, studying Industrial Design. Industrial Design is a strategic problem-solving process that drives innovation, builds business success, and leads to a better quality of life through innovative products, systems, services, and experiences. He was in residence first year but now has moved into a house with 2 other friends. He has been involved in intramural soccer and dodgeball. He is looking forward to answering any questions you have about his school or his experience at university.

Thomas Laurie '14 is studying in Surrey at SFU's School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT) where he has been exposed to a variety of digital media subjects: coding for web, app, and game development, UX and layout design, photo, video, and sound editing, and some 3D modeling and animation. He ended up latching onto a blend of coding, web-dev, and design skills that he now is using to build out a web-application as a personal project. He is very excited about this project because he has learned enough to be able to do it completely from scratch - from the front-end interface and user experience to the back-end database and server-side processing. Currently over the summer he is working here at the school with advancement making graphics, designing print materials, and maintaining the Meadowridge website.

Thomas Burke '16 spent a gap year living away from his family after graduating from Meadowridge, learning to budget and find himself more. Afterwards, he backpacked Thailand and Cambodia to explore the world before going and living in residence at first year at UVic to study Humanities! He is still exploring options to pursue for a major.

Caja Blomley '13 moved to Montreal to attend McGill University with the intention of pursuing a Bachelor of Art in Political Science. However, after a few Human Geography courses caught her interest she was decided to leave behind her Political Science goals and declare a Bachelor of Art with a major concentration in Human Geography and a minor concentration in Indigenous Studies. Human Geography is the study of how human activity shapes and is influenced by the earth's surface. This change in direction allowed her to explore a wider range of topics and interests. Caja lived in university residences for her first year before moving off campus and living with roommates in a variety of apartments around Montreal. Currently, she is preparing for her last three courses at McGill and is looking into applying to Library Science graduate programs for September of 2019.

Kavita Dau '16 founded Dau Academy, a startup boosting students' exam results, and was accepted into the Next Big Thing, a fellowship program supporting entrepreneurs. She was lucky enough to spend the next year learning from people like Ryan Holmes, who founded Hootsuite, and Marc Kielburger, of We Day, at informal fireside chats, and to receive mentorship from individuals at Microsoft, Shaw TV and Hootsuite. She's currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts at UBC Vancouver, with a major in Economics and a minor in English, and she also plans to complete a Master of Management through UBC's dual degree program. Last November, she pitched at the Vancouver Finals of the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards, and she has appeared on CBC, ICI Radio and Vancouver is Awesome, among others, for showing her sister how to memorize 400 digits of pi in perfect order. She's a member of Science World's Millennial Advisory Council, President of the UBC English Students' Association, VP External of UBC eProjects, and a Connector at the League of Innovators, a national Canadian charity promoting youth entrepreneurship education. Most recently, she was a judge and keynote speaker for Prosper Vancouver, a high school business conference held at UBC.

Imogen Blomley '17 went to Concordia University in Montreal to study design, where she stayed in a refurbished nunnery as her residence. In her courses, she learned about graphic and industrial design, as well as book-binding and printing, typography and art history. The remainder of her degree involves architecture, interior design, web design, fibres along with electives which she plans on focusing around sustainability and design in various cultures. She had the opportunity to immerse herself in the art community, forming an artists' collective and producing a show through this. She looks forward to sharing what she learned in first year and what she thinks is important when choosing a university or plans after high school.