Meadowridge PHE Department Earns the Quality Daily Physical Education Award

All seven members of the Meadowridge Physical & Health Education (PHE) Department attended the PHE Canada National Conference in Whistler, BC. The conference provided the opportunity for the PHE teachers to network and learn from other educators across Canada and internationally through a series of workshops.

Meadowridge was recognized during the awards ceremony for receiving the Quality Daily Physical Education Award. This award recognizes schools who offer Quality Daily Physical Education and encourages excellence in school physical education programs.

Standards of the Quality Daily Physical Education Award

  • A minimum of 30 minutes of physical education every day of the school year
  • Well-planned lessons incorporating a wide range of activities that address the provincial curriculum learning outcomes/objectives.
  • A variety of assessment and evaluation strategies that enhance student learning
  • Emphasis on student learning, personal success, fair play, and personal health
  • Adherence to provincial student safety guidelines
  • Appropriate learning activities for the age/stage of development of each student that reflect current research and best practices.
  • Opportunities to be physically active beyond scheduled physical education time in order to realize recommended physical activity requirements for students (i.e. intramurals, extracurricular, school wide physical activity initiatives (DPA), etc.)
  • Opportunities for student leadership development
  • All students are taught by a qualified physical educator (as defined by PHE Canada)
  • Achievement of provincial curriculum learning outcomes

The QDPE Award Program requires schools to assess their physical education program based on set criteria and is also an opportunity for schools to examine and reflect on the qualities and characteristics of their physical education program, highlighting successes and encouraging critical reflection for improvement. The Meadowridge PHE Department is grateful to receive this award and looks forward to receiving our banner to hang in the gym.