The Troupe to Watch:
Meet Meadowridge's newest improv team

Our newest Junior Improv Team, Mission Improvable, competed in their very first Canadian Improv Games Junior Tournament last week. The all girls team includes: Kaylynn B., Sarayu N., Jade S., Angela W., Isabella Z., and Nancy Z. The group travelled to Carson Graham Secondary School to perform alongside five other teams. During the week, over 25 teams from around the lower mainland also participated.

The team competed in four different events:
Theme, Story, Character, and Open.

Theme: During their theme event, the girls showcase a variety of scenes, exploring the theme 'Discovery'. From a National Geographic host observing lions, to people discovering their inner selves, the girls kept the scenes rolling.

Story: The team narrated a tale using the suggestions of 'prison' and 'toaster'. Would you believe their convict escaped from prison by melting the jail bars with a toaster?!

Character: During their character event, the team used the suggestion 'jolly' to imagine different scenarios where 'Jolly Jade' would be found. She travelled through a zoo and a waterpark, and ended up at an accepting support group for equally jolly people.

Open: Here, the team challenge themselves by accepted two offers from the audience: 'bowling ball' and 'beach'. They created an entertaining story where the main characters were saddened to arrive to a sand-less beach. Using their creative skills, they used the sharp shells to shave down their prize bowling ball to re-create sand; the team enjoyed their beach day and saved the animals at the beach!

The Improv Club will continue to meet on Wednesdays from 3:45pm to 5:00pm. We are now accepting new members in Grade 6 and up. If you think this sounds like fun, and you are someone who enjoys being playful and silly, please come out and join us in Ms. Pallister's classroom or speak to any of our team members. Hope to see you soon!

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