Bringing Meadowridge to Broadway

15 Students, 2 Teachers, 400+ Kilometres, 1 Amazing Performance:
Mrs. Danielle Donovan details what made this long journey worth it

Where did you go?
We went to the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington to see a Broadway show that is very pertinent to the lives of high school students. 'Dear Evan Hansen' is a play that the students have been talking about since last year. (if not longer!) Before the play, we also checked out the Pike Place Market.

What's the play all about?
Basically, a boy who is highly anxious, has no friends, and doesn't know how to fit in accidentally gets caught up in a lie he tells about being friends with the bully who kills himself. Along the way we find out that the bully also had no friends and didn't feel like he fit in; and that two other characters who appear well-adjusted also feel the same way.

How did your students react to the performance?
Some were amazed at how live theatre differed from seeing filmed theatre or movies; some had never seen a big musical before; all were wowed by the story, the characters, the actors, and the use of media and technology in the staging.

What's next for DP Theatre students?
Good question! We're hoping to travel and see more shows next year. As for the shows they themselves will present, the Grade 12's will be performing their Collaborative Projects in mid-April, while the Grade 11's will showcase their Solo Theory Piece at the end of March and their Collaborative Project in May. Grade 11 students also have a lighting design workshop in April, and will then design and stage their own mini-shows, focusing on use of light.

What is the DP Theatre Collaborative Project?

The collaborative creation of original theatre involves a group of theatre makers (creators, designers, directors and performers) who work together practically to examine and develop ideas in order to generate theatrical material that is then structured and organized into a piece of theatre.

What is the DP Theatre Solo Theory Piece?

Students research a theatre theorist they have not previously studied, identify an aspect (or aspects) of their theory, create and present a solo theatre piece based on an aspect(s) of this theory. This task requires students to create a fully produced piece of theatre based on theatre theory.