Meadowridge Gryphons Athletic Gryphon head in yellow and blue

Mr. Scott Spurgeon
Athletic Director

Mr. Tomas Oljaca
Coordinator of Sport Development

Gryphon Athletics

Welcome back to Athletics. I wanted to share a quick update and some news on what is happening with Athletics. The biggest news from the provincial health authorities, the education ministry and BC School Sports is we no longer have cohorts and school and community sports are going to be under the same rules. In the next week I have some meetings and will see what the schedules look like for various leagues and how we will begin the seasons. I expect there will be adjustments as we move ahead but am excited to have more athletic possibilities than all of last year.

Please contact me if you would like to meet or have any questions. I am happy to give tours of our facilities and discuss athletic policies or teams we offer.

Mr. Scott Spurgeon
Athletic Director

January 2022 Update

BC School Sports and the provincial health authorities have said no fans can attend games, this is the biggest change since prior to winter break. This includes classmates, parents, and even staff. We will just have the two teams, referees, and the required people to run the minor officials table and ensure the game happen in the safest manner possible – no extra people in the gym. 

We are going to try streaming games. The best way for you to get info on this will be to check in via the Meadowridge Athletic Instagram account. Info may also be sent out via email or you can connect with Mr. Oljaca or Mr. Spurgeon via email. Feel free to cheer us loudly through this streaming and we will hopefully feel your positive energy

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