Health & Safety Updates

Meadowridge School is committed to maintaining the highest standard of health and safety equipment, facilities, and procedures to ensure the safety of our community. 

Mask Mandate & COVID-19 Update from Head of School

March 10, 2022

Dear Meadowridge Families,

Today, Dr. Bonnie Henry and Minister Adrian Dix announced some significant changes to both the public health mandates for BC and for the K-12 educational sector. These changes signify the significant progress that BC has made in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and strike an optimistic outlook. However, it was also made clear that we are not completely past this pandemic, and there are still some restrictions in place.

Below, I have highlighted some of the key messages from the government and the expectations we will continue to hold at Meadowridge.


  • Effective March 28, 2022 (immediately after spring break) students will have the choice to wear masks in indoor spaces.
  • Effective March 14, 2022  fully vaccinated staff will have the choice to wear masks in indoor spaces.

It is imperative that we equally respect everyone’s choice in this area and refrain from casting judgements about the context by which they made their decision. We will continue to encourage and support all staff and students to critically evaluate their situations and make informed decisions.

Read the entire letter to parents →

Updated Safety Procedures for January 2022

Please read the full message sent January 11, 2022 from our Head of School here →

As we start up in 2022, we are challenged by the Omicron variant and asked to prepare for the impact it will have on our school in the coming weeks and months.

While we are anticipating further guidance from the government, I would like to reiterate a few of the critical health and safety procedures that families are expected to support:

Stay home if sick: Keeping your child home when they are sick or showing symptoms.

Complete daily health check: Parents are responsible for completing a daily health screen prior to sending their child to school. Essentially, if your child has a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of sense of smell or taste, sore throat, headache or any of the symptoms listed on the CDC website, they should be staying home until those symptoms subside.

If you are concerned and are considering getting a COVID test, please follow the online assessment tool found here. It will guide you through a series of questions that will point you in the right direction.

Let us know of any absences: Accurate communication – Please inform the school when your child will be away and the reason for their absence. This will help us make the best decisions about possible closures. Email or call 604.467.4444 with any absences.

Campus closed to visitors: The campus is now closed to visitors, including parents. While this is unfortunate, it is a measure that is required by public health. We are asking that when parents pick up their children, they are wearing masks and avoid crowding in large groups. Meetings with teachers and staff will need to be pre-arranged and done virtually, where possible.

Daily Health Check-In For Students
Parents must assess their child(ren) daily for new symptoms including cough, headache, weakness, fever, difficulty breathing and other abnormal symptoms. You must NOT send your child to school if they have developed any of these symptoms. 

Please see an example of a daily health screening here.

COVID-19 Campus Safeguards & Upgrades

Plenty of safeguards and guidelines were put into place to ensure a safe return back to school today (and every day thereafter). See the slideshow below for examples of how we are making sure the Meadowridge campus is safe.