Elementary School Start-Up Information

As a school we have been called to guide our community through a compassionate lens, one that places people and their wellbeing at the center of planning. As you review all the information about starting school in September, I hope you will know that the health and wellness of our community has been the focus in our planning so that we can create an effective teaching and learning environment. Mrs. Heather Nicholson, Elementary School Principal

Elementary School Principal Letter to Families

Welcome Back & First Day of School Email

Looking for your child's Teacher? It is available on The Hub

Please make sure to log in to The Hub to see who your child’s teacher is. Class lists will not be physically posted at the school until the first day of school.

Need help finding your child's schedule? Click here for a how-to.

Elementary School Start & Finish Times

We have implemented staggered start and finish times for the divisions to minimize cross-over between cohorts.

Elementary (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5)
Arrival between 8:05 and 8:15
Class starts at 8:20
Dismissal 3:20

  • We encourage families to drop off and pick up students at the roundabout. 
  • Junior Kindergarten families must park in the parking lots and walk the students to the ELC building to sign students in and out.
  • Students will enter and exit through their external classroom doors. 
  • Students will be waiting outside in cohort groups at dismissal. 

Uniform Information

Elementary School students have two uniforms: the Number 1 Uniform and the Physical Health Education (PHE) Uniform

PHE Uniform on PHE Days: Students will wear their PHE uniform to school on days they have PHE. Homeroom teachers will share the scheduled days. Students should come to school wearing athletic runners; Students will not be storing a pair of runners at school.

Number 1 Uniform: Students will wear their Number 1 Uniform to school on days they do not have PHE. Students should come to school wearing their black leather dress shoes. On the first day of school, all students can wear the Number 1 Uniform.

Rain Boots: Students will play outside everyday. Students should have a pair of rain boots at school.

Note: The Number 2 Uniform has been phased out and cannot be worn anymore.

Uniform Guidelines & Information

Daily Schedules & Routines

What is a learning cohort and how will it help?

A learning group, or learning cohort, is a group of students and staff who remain together throughout the school quarter, semester or year and who primarily interact with each other. This helps with contact tracing and limits interruptions to learning if a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in a learning group. Learning groups were recommended by the Provincial Health Officer to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. 

In Elementary School for the most of the day students will be in a cohort group of approximately 20 students. During break times students have the choice to interact with their larger grade cohort.

Elementary School Staff

The Elementary School staff are already anticipating and preparing for students’ return.  We are fortunate to have many of our faculty returning for another year.  We also look forward to welcoming some new staff members.

Homeroom Teachers Specialist Teachers
Junior Kindergarten
Ms. Kozol, Ms. Dyer, Ms. Ludwig
Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 3 PHE
Mr. Hamaguchi
Ms. Warner and Ms. Higginson

Grade 2 PHE
Ms. McColl

Grade 1
Ms. Pitzey, Ms. Bruce, Ms. Walker

Grade 4 and 5 PHE
Mr. Horne

Grade 2
Ms. Dobie and Ms. Baker

Kindergarten to Grade 3 French
Madame Sugden

Grade 3
Ms. Morris, Ms. Smoke, Ms. Ferneley

Grade 4 and 5 French
Ms. Fyfe-Hudon

Grade 4
Ms. Chow, Ms. Lum, Ms. Hamaguchi

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2 Music
Ms. King

Grade 5
Mr. Diniz, Ms. Kite, Ms. Kinneard

Grade 3 to 5 Music
Ms. Durno


Grade 2 to 5 Art
Ms. McColl


PYP Coordinator
Ms. Pallister