Bus Rules & Safety Guidelines

Meadowridge School and Lynch Bus Lines reserve the right to deny bus service to anyone who does not follow the safety guidelines and rules. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the loss of bus privileges for your child. If you have questions please contact: Cory Lynch, Lynch Bus Lines at 604.439.0842 or Ms. Dionne Young, Meadowridge School at 604.467.4444 ext. 101.

On behalf of Lynch Bus Lines, welcome to Meadowridge School: we hope to make your riding experience a safe and enjoyable one. Further to this, we feel it is important to go over the safety guidelines which every family should be aware of and must follow.

Bus Tags and Invoices: Once you have registered for bus service, you are purchasing a seat for the entire year. Lynch Bus Lines will invoice you directly and once payment is received you will receive a bus tag that must be visible to the bus driver when boarding the bus.

Single ride bus tickets are $15.00
This service is not available to Junior Kindergarten Students. This service is available only to Kindergarten students whose families have read and submitted waivers.

Stops: Stops are designed in accordance with the application form addresses and may be adjusted to suit demographics.

Seating: While riding the bus, students MUST remain seated at all times, as sudden stops can seriously injure children. Please talk to your child about these safety matters. 

Waiting for busses to arrive: Bus stops have been chosen for the degree of safety, not just convenience. These are public areas that we use at the discretion of the owners, so we must respect the patrons of the area at all times. Please do not block access for others or park in reserved areas and places that we have been asked not to use. Disregarding patron requests will force the owners to ask us to leave, and Lynch will then need to find a new location.

Drivers are not allowed to stop at any other location except the next designated stop on their route. If you miss the bus, please proceed to the next stop and have your child(ren) board the bus there. All of the busses are numbered for your convenience.

Late Busses: Students must sign up by 2:00pm at the Front Office.


(4 or more riders needed)

(4 or more riders needed)

5:45PM Departure
(Monday - Thursday)

Students must sign up by 2:00pm so driver is aware of required stops.

6:05PM Departure

Students must sign up by 2:00pm so driver is aware of required stops.

5:50PM Departure

Students must sign up by 2:00pm so driver is aware of required stops.

Miscellaneous: Your child is welcome to use alternate bus stops along your registered bus schedule route only. Students are able to ride on a different Lynch bus as long as they have a bus pass / single ride bus ticket. This is also based on availability. The bus radio will play music that is appropriate for all age groups. Students may listen to their own music through headphones as long as it does not disturb others.

Eating on the bus: Students are NOT allowed to eat on the bus while it is in motion, as it is a choking hazard. The driver cannot keep track of students at all times. Should the bus stop suddenly or go over a large bump, a child could easily choke. This is not only a safety issue, but a liability issue as well. Parents should be aware that most school districts do not allow eating on busses.

Bus Drivers: Remember that our drivers look after your children every day; please treat them with respect and courtesy. If you have a complaint, please speak with Lynch Bus Lines at 604.439.0842. 

Parents: Parents and Guardians are responsible for ensuring their child has safely boarded their morning bus ON TIME, as well as ensuring their child will be picked up ON TIME in the afternoon.

Moving: If you are moving and require a different bus stop for your child, please Lynch Bus Lines as soon as possible.

Lynch Bus Lines School Bus Rules

  • Please ensure that you and your child read and understand the rules for riding the bus.
  • Be five (10) minutes early to the bus stop prior to loading time.
  • Do not stand at the curb. Keep students in the designated waiting area.
  • When the bus stops and doors open, your child can approach the bus.
  • Have your payment tag visible for the driver as you board.
  • When the driver closes the door to leave, do not approach the bus. Do not chase the bus as it is pulling away.
  • Students must remain seated at all times, no body parts or other items are to go out the windows.
  • Conversation is encouraged but please do not yell.
  • There will be no eating or drinking on the bus.
  • When arriving at the stop to unload, remain seated until the driver opens the door.
  • Please allow people sitting in the seats in front of you to leave first. Do not push past other passengers.
  • Once out the door, take a few steps away from the bus. Stopping at the door delays other passengers from unloading.
  • Have younger passengers who are waiting for parents wait where the driver can see them.
  • Please be at the bus stop five (10) minutes early for the afternoon drop-off time.
  • Once your child has unloaded from the bus their safety is your responsibility. the driver will do their best to watch for your child, however, there are many children on the bus and only one driver.
  • Young students that do not have a parent present can re-board the bus so they are not left alone. They will either stay on the bus until the end of the route or, if applicable, be returned to the school. Should a family use this service routinely, they may lose their bus privileges.