• 2019/20
A one-on-one with the Senior Male Athlete of the Year, Brandon Q. (Grade 11)

What sports have kept you busy since enrolling at Meadowridge?
Since enrolling at Meadowridge, the school teams I participated in are soccer, basketball, fencing, and track and field.

Why did you decided to join these teams?
Athletics is one of my biggest passions and I like to try as many sports as possible.

What was your best experience so far? 
The best experiences I’ve had are when we are travelling for tournaments, like when we went to Victoria back in 2012. When we travel as a team, everyone gets to bond in a different environment and it’s just the most fun in general.

How do you keep up with athletics on top of the already-rigorous IB Programme?
I play sports at Meadowridge because I feel like having a balance with schoolwork is necessary. It helps develop skills such as organization and time-management.

What’s the best part about athletics at Meadowridge?
I would say the best part is the environment and the energy. We have amazing resources, along with the coaches and staff, to help students become more engaged with the sport.

What makes athletics at Meadowridge unique?
One thing which makes the Meadowridge Program unique is the culture and how it pushes everybody to the next level – no matter the athletic background.

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