• 2019/20
The cafeteria goes fully compostable

Big changes are happening in the cafeteria. Some of them are obvious, others more subtle, but none have changed the things we love about SAGE: fresh meals, local ingredients, and just about everything made in house. The cafeteria will still have all the meals we love, (butter chicken!) served by the people we like (the SAGE team!). Big changes are happening in the cafeteria… just not ones we can taste.

In just one year, these simple swaps will save 20,000 cartons, 20,000 bottle beverage containers, and 8,000 foil wrappers from landfills

New this fall, almost all foods in the cafeteria will be served in 100% compostable packaging. The team has also removed single-use plastic bottles, done away with paper plates and plastic cutlery during all school lunches, and – by September 2020 – will completely eliminate all pre-packaged food.


Three pictures, one of a child getting milk from a dispenser, close-up of watermelon, child enjoying lunch


Six Steps Towards Sustainability from our Dining Services


1 All sandwich and salad containers are fully compostable.
Gone are the large, plastic shell containers. Now, you can enjoy these lunch staples without the waste.

Milk cartons have been eliminated.
PYP students on the lunch program will instead bring their own water bottles, which can be filled across the school at any one of our water stations. On Fridays, they’ll have the option of either milk or chocolate milk, which will be enjoyed in reusable cups. Over in the cafeteria, milk dispensers have also been brought in to serve the rest of our community throughout the week. “The kids here drink a lot of milk,” Chef Kyle shares, “and that’s fantastic!” In just one year, this simple swap will save 20,000 cartons from landfills.  

… and all other bottled beverages, too.
You’ll no longer find bottled juices, ice teas, or sports beverages in our coolers. Instead, freshly made spa waters and cold-brewed iced teas and lemonades will fill students’ reusable bottles in one of three reusable cup sizes SAGE has brought in: small, medium, or large. Chef Kyle shares that this swap, too, will save 20,000 bottle beverages from landfills.

4 Parfait cups are now fully compostable.
Fresh fruit, yogurt, homemade granola, and fully compostable packaging.

Breakfast sandwich wrappers are now fully compostable.
Our breakfast favourites will now be wrapped in blue checkered paper… no more aluminum! Chef Kyle shares that this will save at least 8,000 foil wrappers from being discarded each year.

6 All-school lunches, all compostable products.
Both all-school lunches this year will be served on, and enjoyed with, fully compostable plates, bowls, forks, spoons and knives. Paired with reusable cups, all-school lunches will now be as eco-friendly as they are enjoyable.


Though these few changes are new, SAGE's commitment to sustainability is not. Fresh, sustainable, and locally- and responsibly-sourced products are staples of our dining services. And by September 2020, they’ll take things one step further, with all pre-packaged foods eliminated. “I think it’s great,” Chef Kyle shares of the changes, “and I’m glad SAGE can be a part of the School’s Vision for sustainability.”

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