School Closure Information

Inclement Weather & Power Outage Information

Is Meadowridge School Open?

See information from Meadowridge's weather station
School closures will be communication via the website and email by 6:30am the morning of the closure.

Closure notices are issued on day-to-day basis. Unless otherwise noted via email and on the website the school is open.

Guidelines For Parents During An Emergency

We communicate with all families via letter at the beginning of each year to outline expectations during an emergency and/or critical incident involving the school. The following guidelines are shared:

  • Parents are not to phone the school during or following a disaster as we must keep phone lines open for outgoing emergency calls.
  • Parents are asked not to call their children on their cellphones during a lockdown. A ringing phone can bring unwanted attention to student groups if we are responding to an intruder.
  • Parents are asked not to drive to the school during a critical incident as access to the school must be kept clear for emergency response vehicles.
  • Parents are asked to listen and watch for updates and not flood the school with phone calls. We will keep the community informed of events and communicate response plans through the website, direct email, phone trees, direct texting and/or social media updates to keep Meadowridge parents informed.
  • Parents are asked to communicate the need for students to be released into their care (or their designate) following an emergency and not to leave the school on their own.


Where to look for information

The decision to close the school is made in as timely manner as circumstances allow and on a day-to-day basis. Details will be posted to:

Meadowridge Website

Meadowridge Facebook


BC Hydro Outage Map

Weather Network

Bussing Snow Routes & Lynch Bus Lines Mobile Notifications

It is the responsibility of the parents to sign up for text alerts from Lynch Bus Lines to be notified of a change in routes and use of snow routes. Meadowridge School does not communicate this information and it is the responsibility of Lynch Bus Lines. You can sign up for the notifications by filling out this form.