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Funding requests of $10,000 or more will be brought forward by the Advancement Team to the Admin Team for review and approval.
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In which area does the item or activity primarily support?requiredPlease select all that apply.​​​
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Which group(s) will benefit from the purchase of the activity or item?requiredPlease select all that apply.​​
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Link to School & Program Goals

When requesting funds for a particular purpose or program, it is important to specify the intentions of the program, and how the funding will help the students in some predictable way. Please complete the next section to explain the ways in which this purchase will support student learning and/or school operations in specific ways.
Link to Strategic PlanrequiredPlease select all pillars of the school's Strategic Plan that support this purchase
Please select all pillars of the school's Strategic Plan that support this purchase




Indicators of achievement, data, visible change, etc




If approved, I agree to:

  • Notify Advancement when your purchase arrives.
  • Provide opportunity for photos/videos of the item(s) in use.
  • Provide a quote or interview on how the item has added value to your area, classroom and/or program.
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Requested Funds Process

Fill out the online form

The Advancement Office will receive a copy of the request you submitted and will facilitate the digital signing process for you. You may be contacted by your Department Head and/or Principal if they have any questions.

Once your request is approved, the Advancement Office will send you an email notification together with the signed request form.

Fill out a digital purchase order (DPO) from the Finance Office. Attach the signed request form to the PO and submit to Finance.

Once items are purchased please let Advancement know so we can highlight the impact of the purchase (photos, stories, etc.)


Our Mission

Learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community.


Our Vision Statement

People are drawn to our school from around the world. In the spirit of active collaboration with teachers, peers, and our community, we learn how to care for ourselves and for others. Knowing that change is the only certainty, we engage with challenging and complex questions effectively and creatively. Through outstanding teaching, programs, and facilities, Meadowridge develops in us the confidence not only to meet the future, but also to create it.