Brand Assets

How We Can Help?

Need to get the word out? Our team will work with you to bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re after a poster, a TV slide, a promotional plan, or whatever else, we’re help to help. Here’s a few examples of what we can do for you:

  • Advertising – print, digital, social
  • Brochures, reports, posters, banners, and signage
  • Web and digital templates, e-newsletters, TV slides, and evites
  • Website pages and content management
  • Photography and video production
  • Branded merchandise
  • Media coverage – internal and external
  • And more!

Looking for publications? See Platforms section below. 

Help Us By Sharing...

  • Your stories (class activities, field trips, student achievements… no story is too small!)
  • Your photos and videos (Upload to Vidigami)
  • Your expertise (have a passion that you want to write about? Families want to learn from you.)
  • Your students’ stories

We need your help to showcase what goes on at Meadowridge, to showcase the expertise of our teachers; the achievements, works, and reflections of our students; and the unique learning community at Meadowridge. Send us an email or drop by and visit us in the Advancement Office to share your stories and ideas. 


Contact Marketing & Communications 

Come by the office and say hello!

Danielle Christensen
Director of Advancement, ext. 176

Christy Kazulin
Website and Digital Systems Manager, ext. 148

Renée Cummings
Director of Marketing and Communications, ext. 189

Melanie Iddon
Graphic Designer, ext. 225

Danica McGaffney
Communications Assistant, ext. 193

Brand & Style Guide

The school’s main logos, including our new logo, crest, and house logos, are available for download below. The simple and consistent application of our school logos is of the utmost importance. Always use the logo as supplied. It must not be redrawn, re-proportioned or modified in any form. See attached logo guide and downloadable files below.

Brand Logos

Meadowridge Logos

Below are png's of the logo for general use. If you require higher resolution logos for special print projects, events or specific materials, please see contact our department directly. The simple and consistent application of our school logos is of the utmost importance. Always use the logo as supplied. It must not be redrawn, re-proportioned or modified in any form. 

House Logos

Everyone in the Meadowridge community is a member of one of our four Houses, representing local bodies of water: Alouette, Fraser, Kanaka, or Whonnock. Students develop strong ties to their Housemates and together they participate in events and contests to earn points towards the highly-coveted House Cup, awarded at the end of the year. 

If you require higher resolution logos for special print projects, events or specific materials, please see contact our department directly.

Meadowridge Colours

Colour is a powerful component of our identity and helps to express who we are as a school. Meadowridge has four core colours: Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Mulberry, and Yellow. In addition to the four core colours we also have a palette of secondary colours: Mid Blue, Forest Green, Light Green, and Orange.

Dark Blue
Hex: #003A70
RGB: 0, 58, 112
CMYK: 100, 71, 10, 47

Dark blue represents knowledge, integrity, and seriousness. It is one of our tartan colours.

Light Blue
Hex: #62B5E5
RGB: 98, 181, 229
CMYK: 60, 9, 0, 0

Light blue is the colour of the sky and of water and often associated with depth, stability, wisdom, and truth.

Hex: #FFC845
RGB: 255, 200, 69
CMYK: 0, 19, 79, 0

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and is associated with joy, happiness, and energy.

Hex: #861F41
RGB: 134, 34, 65
CMYK: 15, 100, 37, 45

Mulberry represents knowledge, integrity, and depth. It is one of our tartan colours.

Mid Blue
Hex: #2C5697
RGB: 44, 86, 151
CMYK: 95, 69, 0, 0

Mid Blue is a vibrant shade meant to complement our light and dark blues.

Hex: #FF8200
RGB: 255, 130, 0
CMYK: 0, 60, 100, 0

Orange is a cheerful, warm colour that radiates happiness and energy.

Forest Green
Hex: #006845
RGB: 0, 104, 69
CMYK: 93, 0, 75, 55

Forest green widens the depth of our palette and represents nature, depth, and wisdom.

Light Green
Hex: #6CC24A
RGB: 108, 194, 74
CMYK: 63, 0, 84, 0

Green is the colour of nature and symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and youth.

Branded Resources

A variety of branded resources are available for download, such as letterhead, presentation templates, etc. If you need additional support or require support with a project, contact Marketing and Communications.

Brand Fonts

The brand fonts used in Meadowridge marketing and communications materials are Gentona and the theSerif. These are paid and copyrighted fonts and not available for install on multiple computers.

There are free fonts available that can be used as alternates, both available online:

Both fonts are part of a "font family", which means that they are available in different weights (bold, extra-bold, light, etc.). You will need to install all of the .tff files to access the entire family.

If you have a special project, or need more information about branded materials and what to do, please drop by or send us an email.

Photography Support

The Marketing and Communications Department can help capture the activities and events going on in your classroom. Send us an email or drop by and see us. We will either supply you with a camera (and basic camera know-how), or else confirm that someone will be available to take pictures.

(Print, Email, Web, & Social)

Weekly e-newsletter: the Meadowridge eGryphon
School magazine: The Gryphon (three editions per year: fall, spring and summer), follow and view all of our Meadowridge publications here
Other publications: The Headmaster's Report (once per year), Meadowridge School Calendar (12-month printed calendar), Impact Report (once per year), Case for Support (once per year, available in English and Mandarin), Meadowridge School Overview.
School blog: Meadowridge Voices
School news: general news and school updates
Social Media - Facebook, Alumni Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat and YouTube

Email Signature

Meadowridge School has an email signature guideline/format. This should be set up during your orientation. See example below.

First name Last name, Certification or Professional Affiliation
Title, Department

12224 240th Street, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada V4R 1N1
T. 604.467.4444 (ext.) C. 123.123.1234 (if appropriate)

This message is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply email and destroy all copies of the original message.

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

NOTE: Font colour should be in black and be Calibri and 11pt size, Name and School should be Calibri Bold.

Not Sure How To Change Your Email Signature?

  1. Click File > Options > Mail > Signatures.
  2. Click the signature you want to edit, and then make your changes in the Edit signature box.
  3. When you're done, select Save > OK.
  4. Still not working? If you need help, the marketing and communications team can help you.

Understanding Copyright 


The protection given to any created image or work from being copied or distributed without permission. All images are immediately given copyright to the creator when the image is created.

Fair Use

The legal right to use copyrighted images as long as the images are used for educational research, or personal or use as long as the image benefits the public good in some way.

Creative Commons

Images that are copyrighted but that the creator has put provisions on their use. A creative commons licence might stipulate, for example, that an image can be used if it isn’t modified.

Public Domain

Images that no longer have copyright restrictions either because the creator has passed away and no one owns the copyright.


Looking for Free To Use Images?