Clubs & Co-Curriculars

There is a club or team for virtually every area of interest, and all of our students – from Kindergarten to Grade 10 – are encouraged to explore and develop all passions and talents, both new and longstanding.

A strong academic program is just one aspect of a well-rounded education, and we aim to educate students from the inside out by fostering a spirit of community service and action. The culture at Meadowridge builds lasting friendships, a humble confidence, and emotional, social, moral, and physical intelligence earned only through experience.

High School students gather around robotics table

Why Offer Clubs & Co-Curriculars to students?

  • Explore interests and maybe even find a passion for something.
  • Join other students from your own grade, or even other grades, that otherwise would not connect with.
  • Provide more opportunity to become a well-rounded individual.
  • Learn a new skill and help to relieve academic stress.
  • Support further academic pursuits in a comfortable setting and more time with the teacher.
Student learning Chinese calligraphy
Close-up of a board game being played
Picture of student taking a photo with a DSLR camera
Meadowridge Elementary students using exercise balls for yoga