MYP & DP Co-Curriculars

Grade 6 to Grade 12

Our Middle Years (Grade 6 to 10) and Diploma (Grade 11 and 12) co-curriculars are offered after school and during school hours. At the MYP and DP level co-curriculars are organized into three categories: Creative, Activity, Service (CAS). Participation in co-curriculars is mandaitory for all students in Grade 6 to 10, whereas it is optional for students in Grade 11 and 12.

Co-Curricular Highlight

Silver-Smithing Club

In this course students will learn the basics of working with sterling silver to create a simple ring with a set stone: soldering, sawing, hammering (forging), filing, polishing and stone setting. Once students have successfully completed their ring, they may use their newly acquired skills to create a project of their own design.

Co-Curricular Highlight

First Lego League Robotics Club

No experience with coding or robotics is necessary! This club will compete in the First Lego League (FLL) competition, a fun, team-centred challenge with points for research into real-world issues, creation, programming, competing a Lego Mindstorms robot, and team work. The theme this year is animal allies.