Dining Services

Lunchtime at Meadowridge is a culinary adventure. Think about your favourite, fresh restaurant and we’ll bet the talented team at SAGE Dining Services has them beat. Our chefs cook everything from scratch and the menu is as creative as it is fresh. Every day, there is a delicious entrée to choose from, as well equally delicious stand-bys which are available every day.

Pan with tortillas and fresh fillings

What makes SAGE Dining so great?

They cook everything from scratch, using local and campus-grown ingredients when possible – they even roast their deli meats in-house!

They cook with student’s health in mind: every day there are fresh salads prepared with homemade dressings, whole grain options aplenty, and they cook with fat-free oils and MSG-free seasonings.

They ethically source their ingredients, using antibiotic and hormone-free milk; cage-free, Certified Humane eggs; antibiotic-free chicken; and every entrée includes a vegetarian option.

They teach students about balance and moderation with their Spotlight Program (learn more about that here).

They are a leader is allergen awareness and education. All SAGE chefs are extensively trained in food allergy awareness. Parents are welcome to schedule times to visit kitchens and asked about inventories and preparation methods. SAGE also posts their menus online months in advance, with a complete list of all ingredients, to help families plan ahead.

Meadowridge and Sage also offers a Kindergarten to Grade 3 hot lunch program. For an additional cost parents can sign up for a hot, nutritious lunch to be delivered to the child's classroom. This menu varies from the general one to adjust to the children's palettes.

SAGE Dining Logo on top of a picture of fresh vegetables