Meadowridge School follows the Fraser Health Guidelines in regards to immunizations, understanding the importance of maintaining the health of our children and communities through immunizations.

Meadowridge offers Grade 6 and Grade 9 immunizations at the school.

Learning to Live Well

Our students learn to live well, with others and for others, through in-class, curricular lessons, as well as through co-curricular programs, guest speakers, and information sessions.

At the heart of all we do at Meadowridge is our Mission Statement, learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community. We have created a just community within the school – one that is shaped by caring and trust, and also clarity of expectation and rules. We teach our students how to care for themselves, because a balanced and happy life is critical to their future. Students also learn to care for others, because a successful future is one in which common welfare is shared by all.

Learning about... Our Bodies and Sexual Health

Body Science Across the Grades with Dr. Claire Vanston Ph.D

Our school takes pride in offering an evidence-based approach to sexual health education, where student learn about their bodies in ways that are developmentally appropriate and consistent with the provincial curriculum. Dr. Claire has worked with our parents and students for a number of years and visits campus twice each year to host a series of talks across the grades.

We want our entire community to live well, and so we host many parent information sessions throughout the year as well.