MYP Health & Wellness

Our students learn to live well, with others and for others, through in-class, curricular lessons, as well as through co-curricular programs, guest speakers, and information sessions.

At the heart of all we do at Meadowridge is our Mission Statement, learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community. We have created a just community within the school – one that is shaped by caring and trust, and also clarity of expectation and rules. We teach our students how to care for themselves, because a balanced and happy life is critical to their future. Students also learn to care for others, because a successful future is one in which common welfare is shared by all.

Grade 6 to 10 Student Advisory

Supporting socio-emotional development

Through our Advisory Program, Meadowridge connects each student in Grade 6 to 10 to a single teacher that provides academic counsel, instills routines to ensure they possess the study skills required to flourish, and to provide another “tribe” where kids can belong.

When a student is having academic or personal difficulty at school the Advisor Teacher plays a central role in sharing information and bringing together parents, student, and staff in the interests of care for the child.

Advisory is provided regular time within the schedule to address important themes related to Health and Wellness, including: monitoring and regulating one’s emotions, understanding mental health, communication skills, mediating conflict, making wise decisions, being a good friend (not a “bully) and ethical online behaviour.

Advisory Grade by Grade

Grade 6

It is the aim of Grade 6 advisory to deliver these young students into the world of the MYP as an individual capable of making wise decisions. We are working towards building strong organization and routines, to support their personal growth, the development of the individual.

The guiding philosophy is supporting emerging independence and fortifying personal identity.

Grade 7

It is the aim of Grade 7 advisory to help students learn best how they function in a classroom and in the community at large. We are working on growing their social emotional intelligence, and giving them the skills to work with others, and to maneuver friendships in this highly developmental and transitional stage of their lives.

The guiding philosophy is encouraging personal awareness and self-regulation.

Grade 8

It is the goal of the Grade 8 advisory to help students understand the importance of completing all the organizational tasks that were practiced in grades 6 and 7, on their own. We are encouraging the students to really align their school and home lives with the attributes of the learner profile.

The guiding philosophy is fostering the principled student.

Grade 9

It is the aim of Grade 9 advisory to help students learn how to be independent in their lives, and around the house. We are working on a building confidence through repetition of simple tasks that will allow these students to break free of the constant need of their parents.

The guiding philosophy is developing true independence and functional capability.

Grade 10

It is the aim of the Grade 10 advisory to ensure that all students have the skills, both emotional and organizational to be successful in the Diploma Program. We are working on practicing the skills of the Approaches to Learning.

The guiding philosophy is approaches to learning skills.