School Spirit

Everyone in the Meadowridge community is a member of one of our four Houses: Alouette, Fraser, Kanaka, or Whonnock. Stop a teacher, student, parent, or even alumni and ask them which house they belong to and you’ll usually hear something along the lines of, “I belong to [inserthousenamehere]. The best House.”

The House culture at Meadowridge is strong.

Students develop strong ties to their fellow Housemates and together they participate in challenges and contests to earn point towards the highly-coveted House Cup, awarded at the end of the year to the House with the most points. All students, in every grade, contribute to their House’s overall total by competing in competitions and contests throughout the year.

You’ll catch the most House spirit (and friendly competition) during our two annual Spirit Day events. Houses join together – students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 – and spend the day contending as one: house cheers, sports, and games all count towards their House’s total.

The Gryphon is a mythological beast with the body of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, and a back covered with feathers. Like birds, it builds its nest, but instead of an egg, it lays an agate or precious stone therein. Legend has it that the Gryphon would make its nest of gold and would fiercely defend its young against marauders.

At Meadowridge School, the Gryphon defends our students while remaining a symbol of the many virtues to which we aspire: gentleness, nobility, vigilance, strength, and enlightenment. Its likeness secures, inspires, and protects us.

You will often see Gryph visit during our Spirit Days and special events at the school.