Student Life

Students need to be principled in their decision-making and in their actions, in order that they live well with others and for others, and create just communities. They had best be open-minded, since the world is a changing place, and being adaptable requires open-mindedness. They need to be balanced, ensuring that they are looking after their heads, their hearts, and their hands.

If you arrived to school early one morning or popped by late after school, you’d notice something curious: even at 6 o’clock, the school is abuzz with activity. Student life at Meadowridge is something our entire community wholly embraces, which creates a distinctly unique culture.

With over 40 clubs, teams, and co-curriculars to choose from, students explore and develop a confidence in academics, arts, and athletics; it’s not uncommon for a student to be lead in a play, and then rush off to soccer practice!

A strong academic program is just one aspect of a well-rounded education, and we aim to educate students from the inside out by fostering a spirit of community service and action.

The culture at Meadowridge builds lasting friendships, a humble confidence, and an emotional, social, moral, and physical intelligence earned only through experience.