How To Register

Welcome to your Award Unit for the Duke of Ed!

My name is Nicholas Jackson and I am your Duke of Ed leader. As your leader, I am here to support you in the process of registering for the Award, signing up for the Online Record Book, answering your question about the award requirements, encouraging you along the way, and helping you to get to the Approval stage when you complete it.

Getting Started:

Follow these steps carefully (if you miss one it will delay your start)

1) Register for the Award

Go to and click the link to register.

2) Check Your Email and Junk/Spam Folder

Check your email for a registration confirmation email from the Duke of Ed.

This email contains important information: registration confirmation, payment confirmation, and the next steps.

3) Forward the Confirmation Email to Mr. Jackson

IMPORTANT! Forward this confirmation email to Mr. Jackson at 

4) Follow the Email Steps & Sign-Up for hte ORB

Follow the next steps in the confirmation email and sign up for the Online Record Book (ORB).

  1. Choose our Award Unit: Meadowridge School
  2. Next you’ll be asked if you know who your Award Leader is. Click Yes
  3. Enter my email:
  4. Click continue and complete your ORB sign up.
  5. Wait until I approve your sign up in ORB. Once approved, you receive a notice from the Online Record Book, that you can start choosing your activities.
  6. For each activity you will need to have an Assessor who will confirm your logs when you have completed them. Once you have chosen an activity and found your Assessor, get their email so you can add it to the activity in ORB. It is advised to do this before you add your activities and logs to ORB.