Service Guidelines

Grade Short Term Long Term / Ongoing Evidence of Leadership
Grade 6 2 - Optional
Grade 7 3 - Optional
Grade 8 1 1 Shared
Grade 9 to 10 2 1 Required

Short term refers to one time or introductory experiences;  a minimum of 2 hours in Middle School and 4 hours in High School. 

Long term relates to a project that requires weekly commitment over 10 weeks in grade 8 and 13 weeks for grades 9 and 10.

Leadership involves creating the project’s vision and enlisting the support of others.  

Grades 6 & 7: At least 1 short term in school and 1 in the community.
Grades 8 to 10: Short term in school and long term in community or other way, as long as at least 1 at school and at least 1 in community 

Optional service trips count as community.

School service done in advisory does not count.