We are developing students who are audacious in their pursuits, grounded in their values, and unbound in their potential.

Why A Campaign?

Meadowridge School is experiencing unprecedented growth and demand for seats in all grades in the last few years.  And while we have accomplished much in our current space, the time has come to construct additional purpose-built facilities to alleviate current capacity restraints, fulfilling our new Strategic Plan. 

The new facilities will fundamentally change our ability to add new programs, increase the number of students to our ideal size and provide new learning spaces that will touch the lives of each and every student.  

Our Vision

People are drawn to our school from around the world. In the spirit of active collaboration with teachers, peers, and our community, we learn how to care for ourselves and for others. Knowing that change is the only certainty, we engage with challenging and complex questions effectively and creatively. Through outstanding teaching, programs, and facilities, Meadowridge develops in us the confidence not only to meet the future, but also to create it.

For more information, or to setup a meeting, please contact:

development@meadowridge.bc.ca  |  604.467.4444

Why We Are Building

Architect rendering of a future Meadowridge School building

The Student Centre will provide a welcoming environment for students, parents, staff and visitors alike to embrace and share creativity, and to explore and celebrate different ideas and cultures, positively impacting countless lives for generations to come.

Consider a gift supporting Meadowridge School's Audacity Campaign and make a positive difference for our children. We have the capacity to create a positive difference in the lives of our students for generations to come.

The New Library will provide space for both collaboration and quiet contemplation.

“We are committed to experiential learning as a way to integrate the learning of the head, heart and the hands – so that children can learn to live well, with others and for others.”

Hugh Burke, Headmaster

The Multi-Purpose Fine Arts Building will be a place for students to risk and to reflect, to create and to evaluate.

All these buildings will will help to increase Meadowridge’s capacity to 800 students, adding new course and club offerings.

New Community Spaces and Classrooms will serve as creative cultural hubs, serving to inspire the entire school community. Where there is room, there is room to be thoughtful of, and to learn about others.

The Great Hall will provide a large gathering hall that creates space for all, to dine together, gather for rituals and celebrations of achievements and a place to showcase their talents.

The New Gymnasium will provide additional well-designed gym space where children can engage in a variety of physical activity, allowing them to develop their physical sense.