Help us honour Mr. Hugh Burke

In 2001, a Mission was adopted for Meadowridge School. “Learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community—” this Mission has since shaped, guided and inspired all who have lived and learned here.  So too has its author… Mr. Hugh Burke.

After 21 years and as Meadowridge’s longest-serving Headmaster, Mr. Burke will retire at the end of this school year. In his honour, we hope to build the essence of the very Mission he penned all those many years ago. A great hall. A place where our community can live and learn well together for years to come. It is with great honour that we propose to name this hall the “Burke Hall.”


Burke Hall Donation Form

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Thank you to our current donors of the Burke Hall

Mr. Tom Xing & Ms. Cathy Li
Drs. Diana & Robert Germain
Mr. Robert Gill & Mrs. Diana Carwithen
Mrs. Lulu Li & Mr. Ji Dong Yang
Ms. Lauren English '05
Mr. Wen Song Zhao & Mrs. Shuo Zhang
Mr. George Zhao & Mrs. Annie Peng
Mr. Pradeep & Mrs. Manuela Govind
Ms. & Mr. Liz Tanida
Ms. Nicole & Tawab Braber
Mr. Kae Chang Doong & Mrs. Chang Ling Zhong
Ms. Haiwen Sun & Mr. Honglei Qiu
Dr. Babak Nurbakhsh & Dr. Amani Morra
GO2 Venture Partners
Mr. Yongmin Wu & Mrs. Lily Huang
Ms. Na Zhu & Mr. Xudong Wang
Ms. Ya Ling Pan & Mr. David Stewart
Mr. Wesley Huang
Mr. Eaton Xi
Ms. Ping Guo
Ms. Wenqing Chen & Mr. Yong Zhang
Mr. Yuan You Guo & Mrs. Jun Qiong Yin
Mr. Ismail & Mrs. Shelina Lila
Mrs. Danielle Christensen
Mr. Shangtong Lin & Mrs. Jing Luo
Shah Strategy Consultants Inc
Mr. Sunjeev & Mrs. Sonya Bath
Ms. Yongling Duan & Mr. Bing Sum Lam
Ms. & Mr. Xiaoyan Zhu
Mr. Chris & Ms. Lynn Rounding
Mr. Garett & Ms. Sarah Durant
Mr. Aly & Mrs. Zahra Sunderji
Mr. Hui Gao & Ms. Cheryl Liu
Dr. Mathew & Ms. Masumi Smith
Mr. Feng Lin & Mrs. Yan Liu
Mr. Junlong Guan & Ms. Di Li
Ms. Jennifer Higginson
Mr. Johnson Liu & Mrs. Fay Xu
Miss Vylet Schultz-Williams
Miss Abeline Braber
Dr. Ockie Lampen & Dr. Kathleen Robson
Ms. Phoebe & Mr. Stanley Zhang
Mr. Jinyu Xie
Ms. Tina Lee
Mr. Rick & Mrs. Susan Waugh
Mr. Craig & Mrs. Natalie Gunning
Ms. Lucy Wu & Mr. Billy Yang
Mr. Scott & Mrs. Stacy Banack
Dr. Jennifer Laidlaw
Mr. John & Mrs. Marisa Plasterer
Mr. Xiaofan & Mrs. Candice Yang
Mr. William Guo & Mrs. Hauyu Liau
Mr. Yi Zhao & Mrs. Jianlin Wu
Mr. Kylen Xi
Mr. Ming Li & Mrs. Xiaofang Zhou
Mrs. Ann & Mr. Chris English
Miss Sherrie Metz
Mr. Feng Qian & Ms. Cocoa Zhang
Ms. Gabriela & Mr. Anthony Slade
Ms. Miao Wang & Mr. Jiayu Ma
Mr. Xuan Liu & Mrs. Hong Zheng Wang
Mr. Haibo Xu & Ms. Xuhong Pei
Ms. Lixing Liu & Mr. Yeyan Zhang
Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Heather Nicholson
Mrs. Shuang Qiu
Ms. Fengge Ji & Mr. Da Jun Wang
Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Brianna Just
Mr. Sukh & Mrs. Harpreet Dhaliwal
Ms. Leona West
Ms. Stella Hsu
Mr. Scott Rinn

Wondering how much to donate? The cost of the Burke Hall is approximately $5 million.

Here's what we need to make this happen

If you have any questions, contact Danielle Christensen, Director of Advancement

About the Burke Hall

As the heart of our school, the dining hall will be where we showcase, celebrate, and come together. With enough room for all, the hall will be where our rites and rituals take place, the backdrop to the special moments of our school. With a fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows, and warm, west-coast architecture, the dining hall will set the tone for all events—whether a weekday lunch or weekend celebration.

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