Annual Fund

The Annual Fund, our annual giving program, supports experiential education, improves inquiry-based learning, and enriches the learning environment for every child at our school.

The Annual Fund is designed to address the education needs of our children as they arise, providing faculty-requested enhancements across the continuum.

Your gift to the Annual Fund can be directed to Headmaster’s Choice, an unrestricted fund used at the discretion of our Headmaster for various needs within the school. They may also be directed to specific areas of enrichment: Academic Enrichment, Arts, Athletics, Facilities, Financial Aid, Library, Student Life, Technology. Restricted gifts received in excess of funds required for project/target will be redirected to Headmaster’s Choice fund.

Each gift, big and small, makes a difference.

Meadowridge Giving Levels

Headmaster's Circle

Founded by Hugh Burke, author of our Vision, the Headmaster’s Circle is comprised of those who are committed to realizing his lofty target: to transform Meadowridge School into one of the world’s best.

Gifts of $5,000+

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1985 Society

Our students have been learning to “live well, with others and for others, in a just community" since 1985. The 1985 society is comprised of those who are committed to living and furthering that Mission.

Gifts from $1,985 to $4,999

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Annual Fund Supporters

Our Annual Fund donors support excellence in education through a low-cost, highly impactful and ongoing campaign.

Gifts up to $1,984

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