Audacity, the Campaign for Meadowridge

Meadowridge School is experiencing unprecedented growth and demand for seats in all grades in the last few years.  

And while we have accomplished much in our current space, the time has come to construct additional purpose-built facilities to alleviate current capacity restraints, fulfilling our new Strategic Plan. 

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Burke Hall Building

As the heart of our school, the dining hall will be where we showcase, celebrate, and come together. With enough room for all, the hall will be where our rites and rituals take place, the backdrop to the special moments of our school. With a fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows, and warm, west-coast architecture, the dining hall will set the tone for all events—whether a weekday lunch or weekend celebration.

Fine Arts Building

The fine arts building brings visual arts, music, and theatre together under one roof. A multi-purpose centre with purpose-built classrooms, the fine arts building will be the place for students to take risks and to reflect, to create and to evaluate. The expansion will be two stories and will include a hall for performances, a greenroom for recording, a kiln for pottery, an art gallery, and spaces to make music.

Academic Services Centre

Our new front entrance will be an open and inviting space, welcoming all that come to our school. Inside the centre you will find a warm community foyer and reception with comfortable lounge areas for casual meetings. It will also feature a gallery to showcase some of the student works, drawing newcomers into the school.

Athletic Centre

Children need to grow intellectually, emotionally, and— fundamentally—physically. With the addition of a multi-purpose athletic, recreation, and learning space, the new gymnasium will provide our community a much-needed resource. Spanning two stories and with wall-to-wall windows, the gym will house a full-sized court, fitness centre, student changerooms, and administrative offices.

Library Expansion

The library serves our entire school. It’s a space that serves many students, many teachers, and many purposes: our library is a place for refuge, for reading and studying and collaborating. This beloved, bustling space has outgrown its current location and is on the move. The library expansion will provide room for added resources, books, and technologies; meeting places for classes and groups; and learning (and lounging) spaces for students across the Continuum.