Playground Fund

This year, we’ve made it a priority to bring in a new playground that fits the increasing demand for a more engaging and educational outdoor space.

Our playground was thoughtfully designed for creative and imaginative play over 15 years ago. We have a full generation of students who have grown up on our playground with memories to last them a lifetime. Over time the playground has had noticeable wear. While imagination flourishes, we are wanting to provide students a fresh play space.  Focusing on creative play, imagination, cooperation, natural materials, and community, we have started to design a playground with Suttle Playground. They have been thoughtful to bring in elements from local indigenous communities while using natural materials. 

We look forward to making the new playground a reality for our students, so channel that inner child in you who loved recess on the playground and get ready to make your gift!  

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Concept sketch for the new expansion of the playground


Two Meadowridge students sitting on the Buddy bench together

The Annual Fund is made up of areas of support throughout the school. Donations may be allocated to a specific area (or fund) of the school or towards Head's Choice.