Meadowridge Endowment

Created in 2019, the Meadowridge Endowment fund is a relatively new area to support. This fund is designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income to support the Meadowridge initiatives in perpetuity.

Give to the Endowment

Currently, there are three Meadowridge student awards funded by the Endowment: The Cindy Hops "Be the Change" Award, The Greg Moore Memorial Scholarship, and the Hookey Family Scholarship. Each of these awards has been established by the donor but subsequent donations to the award above and beyond the donor's commitment are accepted.

With additional donations to the Endowment, is our hope that the Endowment will support more than just endowed student awards. Our goal is also to have the Endowment support campus sustainability, allowing for building maintenance and upgrades without having to draw from our annual operational budget. It is also our hope to purchase new land adjacent to the school if and when the time arises.

Supporting the Endowment means you are supporting a more sustainable Meadowridge future.

Endowment Donations

Dollars Raised

Gifts Received

The Annual Fund is made up of areas of support throughout the school. Donations may be allocated to a specific area (or fund) of the school or towards Head's Choice.