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A strong academic program is just one aspect of a well-rounded education, and we’ve shaped a vibrant and inclusive school experience to foster students’ sense of service, action, camaraderie and care.

This strong school culture builds lasting friendships, a humble confidence, and an emotional, social, moral and physical intelligence. Your support of student life supports experiential learning with new clubs, events, and other student programs.


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The Annual Fund is made up of areas of support throughout the school. Donations may be allocated to a specific area (or fund) of the school or towards Head's Choice.

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All about The Knife Safety Club at Meadowridge

Knife Safety is all about... letting students practice an uncommon skill while learning the knife skills they'll use in a variety of outdoor pursuits.

You should join if... you enjoy outdoor recreation or have an interest in crafting. While learning how to use a knife, you'll craft wooden implements such as tent pegs and spoons!

You'll learn... how to grip a knife, how to situate yourself, and how to make safe strokes. Students become experts in the standard push away stroke and the curved sweep stroke of safe knife usage. Students also learn the different parts of a knife.

Expect to do a lot of... knife handling. Students also gain an understanding of knives and the essential role they play in outdoor survival and recreation—knives are not evil! They are a useful, helpful tool.