Volunteer Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Agreement

All Meadowridge volunteers, including drivers, are required to read, understand, and sign the following Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Form.

Privacy & Safety Contact

Human Resources Office

Volunteer Information Contact

Advancement Office

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteers have Responsibilities: Volunteers make a commitment and are accountable to Meadowridge School.

General - A Volunteer Must:

  1. Be loyal to the interest of the position over and above any personal interest as a consumer of Meadowridge services.
  2. Agree to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the position as a positive role model for our students, and as a representative of Meadowridge School.
  3. Engage with Meadowridge families, staff and administration, and with fellow volunteers using ethics and appropriate communications.
  4. Preserve and enhance the good reputation of Meadowridge School and avoid behaviour that might damage the School’s image.
  5. Not speak for, or on behalf of, the School when interacting with school staff, Administration or other entities, unless specifically granted this authority by the School.
  6. Be alert to information that the Meadowridge Community can use to develop improved policies and strategies.
  7. Represent Meadowridge School informally and formally in such a way as to leave others with a positive impression of Meadowridge School.
  8. Not use the volunteer position to address issues involving individual school personnel, students, parents, or other individual members of the school community which should be handled by the School.
  9. Encourage open discussion where respect for alternate points of view is mandatory.
  10. Provide a Police Record Check and Driver’s Abstract (as necessary) prior to beginning their position.

Confidential Information and Privacy - A Volunteer Must:

Maintain the confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information and records to which they are exposed to while serving as a volunteer, whether this information involves a single staff or administrative person, another volunteer, a member of the school community, or overall school business.

Conflict of Interest - A Volunteer Must:

Declare any conflict of interest, be it real, potential, or apparent, which is not immediately obvious with regard to any matter being discussed during a meeting, or any matter which should arise within their position.

Volunteers have Rights: Meadowridge School acknowledges that volunteers are a vital resource to our community.

General – Meadowridge School Will:

  1. Treat the volunteer with the respect and fairness of an Employee.
  2. Provide a safe working environment for the volunteer.
  3. Provide the training/ orientation needed for the volunteer to perform their duties.
  4. Be clear about the limits and areas of opportunity within the volunteer’s role.
  5. Be open to discussion and feedback about the volunteer’s role and experiences.

Above all, ensure the safety of the school community by following appropriate safety protocol, including requiring Police Record Checks, Driver’s Abstracts, and this signed Code of Conduct from all volunteers as necessary.

Conflict of Interest – Meadowridge School Will:

Declare any conflict of interest, be it real, potential or apparent, which is not immediately obvious with regard to any matter being discussed during a meeting, or any matter which should arise within the volunteer’s position.

Administration of This Policy

All complaints concerning a possible Code of Conduct violation shall be made in writing to or by the Community Development Coordinator with a copy provided to the complainant.

The Community Development Coordinator shall make an initial determination of the issue and shall attempt initial resolution of the problem with the complainer and the complainant.

If this initial attempt at resolution is not successful, or if the complainer and/or complainant request it, the Community Development Coordinator shall request that the Headmaster investigate the complaint. The Headmaster will render his or her decision and submit a written report to the Community Development Coordinator within fourteen (14) days. The Headmaster’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Penalties imposed for breach of the code of ethics may include, but are not limited to, the following: Excluding the volunteer from portions of all future meetings and discussions which relate to the stated conflict of interest; and/or removal of the volunteer from their role; and/or financial penalties.

The Community Development Coordinator, in consultation with the Headmaster, will ensure that the administration and practice of this policy will be fair, just, and equitable in all situations of interpretation and application.

Legalities & Privacy

All Staff and Volunteers at Meadowridge School are required to complete a Police Record Check through the school at least once every five years. To complete your Police Record Check, please contact the Front Desk. This check will be completed through the Ministry of Attorney General’s Office.

All Staff and Volunteers who will be driving Students are required to submit a Driver’s Abstract every school year. To receive your abstract, call ICBC with your Driver’s Licence Number (1.800.950.1498) or visit any ICBC Driver’s Office. ICBC can fax your abstract to us at 604.467.4989. This takes only about three minutes and is free.

All drivers must also carry a minimum of $2 Million third party liability insurance.

All Volunteers are required to read, understand and sign a Code of Conduct/ Oath of Confidentiality before working within the school.

Privacy Statement: Meadowridge School’s Use of Personal Information Policy will not allow this information to be used for solicitation purposes. The information will be provided to the Meadowridge Advancement Department and to the Department/person with whom the Volunteer is working in order to facilitate communication. If you have any questions regarding the Use of Personal Information Policy or other privacy concerns, please contact our Human Resources Office at 604.467.4444 or employment@meadowridge.bc.ca.